The Different Types of Spoons

The Different Types of Spoons

There is a spoon for every situation and situation for every spoon. That’s a saying right? OK, it is now. Flatware never fails to find a way. How about that one? Cutlery can do it? No, ok, we give up.

But there are different spoons for different needs and the fine folks at Architectural Digest wrote this amazing article about nine different types of spoon and what they are used for. I’m sure there is more than nine, I counted 14 in my spoon box. But this is a great start.

They discuss the following spoons:

Dinner Spoon

Serving Spoon

Soup Spoon

Iced Beverage Spoon

Demitasse Spoon

Salad Spoon

Dessert Spoon

Amuse Bouche Spoon

Bar or Cocktail Spoon

So over the next nine posts here at The Cutlery Review we will be picking our favorite of each of these types of spoons. Come on back and learn more!

Check out the article at Architectural Digest


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