Oren Hetzroni makes great wooden cutlery!

Oren Hetzroni makes great wooden cutlery

See that fork in the picture above? Oren Hetzroni made that fork. With his hands! It must be said that Oren Hetzroni makes great wooden cutlery!

Here’s his bio: “My name is Oren, and I carve spoons. I live on a small farm in the center of Israel, where I grew up. While carving has always been a part of my life, spoons have taken over my life thanks to the amazing carving community. I carve spoons or teach spoon carving any chance I get. You may be familiar with my work, and my spoons are the ones with the snail crawling across them or some other animal from my surroundings.”

Spoons, forks, bowl, plates, pipes and all sorts of flatware, Oren Hetzroni hand carves it all! And he teaches others how to carve as well. He has a great Instagram page here. And you can message him to buy his wooden cutlery at his website https://Woodspoon.co.il/


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