Calamente Fork – For Twirling Spaghetti or Ramen

I’ll admit to living off of Ichiban cup-o-noodles (or the brick-o-noodles) in college. I have to further admit that it is still my go-to meal at work when I’ve forgotten lunch, am too lazy to go out, or just don’t have any time for anything more.

The Calamente Fork that I first read about over at my fave site BoingBoing is a Japanese product that is made for picking up noodles (ramen or spaghetti) and twirling effectively.  The design on this piece of cutlery is elegant and more of a single use tool and conversation piece than anything.  But clever none the less.

More info at Japanese Trend Shop

Calamente fork


The case of the disappearing teaspoons

The case of the disappearing teaspoonsThis is an important study that you should be away of. Objectives: To determine the overall rate of loss of workplaceteaspoons and whether attrition and displacement are correlatedwith the relative value of the teaspoons or type of tearoom.

We’ll never forget those lost in battle.

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The Pinoy Spoon Incident

Pinoy Spoon IncidentA 7-year-old Filipino boy in Quebec was punished by his school lunch monitor for eating with a spoon and fork rather than fork and knife. He was made to eat alone. This style of using cutlery is used by people in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Canada (where I live) is a multicultural society and this incident is embarrassing. Two great articles about the incident and living in a diverse world are below.

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