Rada Cutlery – Starter Knife Gift Set

rada cutleryWe’ve been given this set as a gift, twice. So that must mean something. And I’ve noticed these pieces in many a drawer and dishwasher. Which brings me to my first point about this start cutlery set by Rada: Don’t put in the dishwasher! The steel for the blades are wonderfully super sharp, hold an edge, and quite flexible. But the silver brushed handles are made of aluminum (which makes a nice non-slip grip) and that aluminum will tarnish and pit if you put it in the dishwasher.

The set contains a regular paring knife, vegetable peeler, tomato slicer, long parer, 6″ bread knife, cook’s knife, and a slicer. It does make a great gift for the student or someone who never has a decent knife in the house when you visit.

 Rada Cutlery S38 The Starter Knife Gift Set


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