RSVP Endurance Ice Cream Spoons

RSVP Stainless Ice Cream SpoonI think the key word here is “Endurance”.  This set of four ice cream spoons (yes, especially for ice cream eating not scooping) from RSVP are built for the power ice cream eater.

These ice cream shovels have been popular in Europe for decades and are starting to show up in ice cream parlors and restaurants in North America. Coming in at 6″ long with a special blunted end for easier scooping these are truly designed for endurance. Restaurant quality and dishwasher safe.

Now yes this is specialty cutlery with one use perhaps. But think past ice cream, what about yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, trifle, rice pudding…

 RSVP Endurance Ice Cream Spoons, Set of 4


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