David Mellor – “The Cutlery King”

David Mellor Master MetalworkerDavid Rogerson Mellor, (5 October 1930 – 7 May 2009) was an English designer, manufacturer, craftsman and retailer.

Known as one of the best-known cutlery designers in Britain if not the world (Britain being the center of the world of flatware), David Mellor specialized in metalwork and especially cutlery, to such an extent that he was often referred to as “The Cutlery King”.

Now here’s the part I find interesting: not many realize that David Mellor also designed the traffic light in 1965 and that millions of them continue to flash red, yellow and green at every intersection around the world. Oh, and he designed bus shelters and nice teapots and many many other things…

A very kind, gifted and talented man who should be remembered.

His biography “Master Metalworker” from Amazon


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