Ramen Fork/Spoon in Stainless Steel from the Museum of Modern Art

Ramen Fork Spoon - Stainless Steel - Museum of Modern ArtAh Ramen, not sure which I’ve eaten more of: Ramen or Kraft Cheese and Macaroni? Ramen in instant form is the perfect food for when you don’t want to cook and really aren’t too fussy about what you are going to eat. In College I lived off the stuff. It is a two piece of flatware meal, you need both fork for the noodles and spoon for the broth (lest you slurp from the bowl). Chopsticks don’t cut it at all in my humble opinion.

In comes this wonderful piece of cutlery that I would classify as a Foon from the Museum of Modern Art. The Ramen Fork/Spoon is made from stainless steel and will handle all your Ramen eating needs. Made of dish-washer safe stainless steel it is 7 3/4″ long x 2″ wide x 1 1/2″ diameter.

Ramen Fork/Spoon – Stainless Steel – Museum of Modern Art


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