Titanium Folding Spoon for Camping

folding spoon

No, it’s not a really long spoon. No, it’s not a spork. It’s a titanium folding spoon. Why? Because a folding spoon can fit in those small places like your tiny cook pot and it’s super light and super handy. It’s cutlery that does the job but doesn’t take up all the space. It’s a handy flatware.

GADIEMKENSD makes a 100% titanium folding spoon that unfolded is 53mm long and 40mm wide.
Folded it’s 80mm and it always weighs 18g.

This convenient little spoon tucked away it your hiking cook kit is a life saver. Too many times we seen people with melted plastic sporks wishing they had this spoon.

GADIEMKENSD Titanium Folding Spoon from Amazon


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