Francis Bitonti Setae Flatware

Francis Bitoni FlatwareMany times we have covered concept designs for cutlery and every time it feels like I’m a kid again looking a flying cars or jet packs that we predicted for the future. Well we have a electric cars and water skis finally. So what about the amazing 3D printed flatware designs we keep seeing? When are they going into mass production and onto our dining room tables?

Francis Bitoni Studio uses 3D metal printing technology to create amazing cutlery in sterling silver. It’s called Setae Flatware with handles of four metal strands that intertwine gracefully to finish in a point. The spoons are interesting, the knife looks like an elfish sword, but the forks are an incredible organic design.

No sign of it being available to the public sadly. Maybe we have to wait for our own in-home 3D printer like Star Trek?

They describe the work very well on their website:

“Four independent strands cohere and separate creating a landscape of fibers nestled into the hand. The separation and cohesion of these long linear elements is used to produces local difference to beautifully satisfy the demands of a functional set of flatware.”

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Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent Flatware

Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent FlatwareI must say that people are really interested in gold cutlery for a myriad of reasons from flavor to flair. The Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent set isn’t entirely gold but uses it as an accent, hence the name. They say a picture says a thousand words and I think the photo above really shows it’s more than just gold that makes this cutlery set an amazing design.

Made of dishwasher safe (but I wouldn’t trust gold to my dishwasher) 18/8 stainless steel this is a single 5 piece place setting that consists of a salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soup spoon, and teaspoon. A serving set is also available. Yamazaki provides a full lifetime warranty against defects, so if the gold does delaminate you can send it back.

Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent 5-piece Place Setting


iD Cutlery by Richard Hutten

id cutlery by richard huttenNormally we start the week with some sort of conceptual design that isn’t available or in production. This design is available now for order and by Richard Hutten of Royal VKB (who do some amazing work).

This one person set of very stylish cutlery consists of 5 pieces: a storage box, chopsticks, knife, fork, dinner and dessert spoon. Made from dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel.
This is high end cutlery for high end dining.

iD Cutlery with Storage Box by Richard Hutten


Salvador Dali – Ménagère (Cutlery Set) 1957

Salvador Dali - MénagèreIt’s cutlery by Salvador Dali, it’s gorgeous and I don’t think you could afford it. It is six pieces (silver-gilt) comprising of two forks, two knives and two enameled spoons.Specifically and wonderfully named:

  • Fourchette 4 dents à manche poisson (Four tooth fork with a fish handle)
  • Fourchette-éléphant 3 dents (Elephant fork with three teeth)
  • Couteau escargot aux larmes (Snail knife with tears)
  • Cocteau feuille (leaf knife)
  • Petite cuillère-artichaut (small artichoke spoon)
  • Cuillère-artichaut (artichoke spoon)

It sold for $28,125 US.

See the listing at Sotheby’s