Nutella Spreader or Knife Spreader?

This “Nutella Stretcher” picture has been racing around the Internet the last few days. It claims to be the perfect knife for emptying the jar and spreading Nutella. A Google search shows that this is a myth in North America and was a promotional item in Europe. A even better piece of cutlery that isn’t promotional branding and uni-purpose is this:

spreader knife

It is a ultimate sandwich knife and more. With 5-inch serrated spreader blade that will spread as well as cut where needed. It’s made of stamped high-carbon steel with a stainless alloy coating (I wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher). It is 10 by 2 inches with a plastic handle. It’s made by Germans and lasers, like Kraftwerk!

 Wusthof Gourmet 5-Inch Spreader


Cake and Pie serving cutlery – For Christmas

cake serverCreating the perfect pie is an art. I spent a few days in training with a Master Baker from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) and as a result I really have learned to appreciate what it takes to make a perfect crust. I can’t make a pie, what did you expect I only had a few days.

When you ask someone to describe “pie shaped” they usually describe a perfect triangle with a curved side. Not a crumbled mess on a plate. Trying to serve pie or cake for that matter without the proper tools results in the destruction of your hard work.

This 2-piece cake and pie serving set from Towle is themed for the Christmas holiday. It has a cake knife that is topped with a candy cane and a server with a snowman. Make sure to hand wash to avoid corrosion or losing the silver alloy plating. And don’t let your pie be destroyed by trying to use a fork and knife made for carving the turkey!

 Towle Holiday Wishes Candy Cane Knife and Snowman Trowel


CEK-40 Electric Knife by Cuisinart

electric knifeThe Electric Knife is one of the few “automated” pieces of cutlery in the kitchen that makes sense. The electric fork for twirling spaghetti is a comedic disaster. A nice thing about the Electric Knife is that it is a kitchen multi-tasker.  It can be used for carving the Thanksgiving Day turkey, slicing home-made bread, filleting fish, and even cutting foam for new cushions.

This model CEK-40 from Cuisinart has stainless steel blades (one for bread and one for carving) and has an nice wooden stand for storage. It’s powered by a plug-in-the-wall 120 Volt motor so that means more power and no fussing with charging batteries (stay away from wireless when buying something like this). Ergonomic design with safety switch and it works for left or right handers (I’m a lefty and am grateful).

It’s a great deal and that first morning you use it to slice a bagel you see why it’s handy.

 Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife



Plastic Silverware

plastic silverwareLook again at the picture, that is not real silverware, it’s plastic. It looks amazing, holds up very well compared to the white plastic fork you are used to, doesn’t have the weight of the real thing but two out of three ain’t bad.

Of course it isn’t dishwasher safe as that is neither hygienic nor will it survive the wash (the coating will delaminate).  Yes, that makes it disposable and not something we should do everyday (look at recyclable cutlery here) but for special events like a a big Christmas or New Year dinner this is just perfect.

The 160-pc set includes 40 forks (plus a bonus 40), spoons and knives. The price compared to washing the real thing or even renting from a catering company just can’t compare. And if someone steals a spoon, you won’t mind at all…

 Reflections Heavyweight “Looks Like Silver” Disposable Flatware for 40