Pizza Week – Steel Pizza Knife

Steel Pizza KnifeIt’s Pizza Week here at The Cutlery Review, we are reviewing kitchen utensils that are related to pizza. Next up is something that is a little more serious and at the level of a restaurant tool. The steel pizza knife is much more traditional in pizza restaurants and works a lot quicker.

Pros: fast, sharp, easy to use due to leverage, little damage to cutting boards, a multi-tasker than can be used for almost anything.

Cons: dangerously sharp, big and hard to store, needs sharpening, kinna scary.

The American Metalcraft PPK17 Stainless Steel Pizza Knife is 18 inches long and has a POM handle.  It can cut any size width or depth of pizza and is very versatile. I find the best place to store it is with the pizza stone in between my stove and kitchen cabinet.

 American Metalcraft PPK17 Stainless Steel Pizza Knife


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