Antrader Eco friendly Wood Cutlery Set

Antrader Eco friendly Wood Cutlery Set

We’ve considered adding a special “tag” for eco-friendly or wooden cutlery but let’s be honest, wood cutlery is here to stay and will or is a part of our flatware experience from here on in. Our prediction is that the top three cutlery materials in the future will be: #1 – Metal, #2 – Wood and #3 – Not plastic.

The Antrader eco friendly wood cutlery set really has the old school design esthetic which we really like. This utensil set for four people includes: 4 Spoons & 4 Forks. They have nice long handles (9″ long) with black and brown jute string wrapped around them.

Of course these won’t do well in the dishwasher so they have an interesting recommendation: “It can put on disinfecting cabinet to use Ozone to sterilize. it can’t heated by microwave. Avoid exposuring directly. Do not leave the product immerse in water or other liquids for a long time.”

And as for care and maintenance: “The first time you use it, we suggest soak the utensils into salt water for half an hour, it would be better for the utensils. Wood oil, plant oil or wax oil suggested to be occasionally applied to extend the life and beauty of products.”

Antrader Eco friendly Wood Cutlery Set from Amazon


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