AOOSY Serving and Slotted Spoons

AOOSY Serving and Slotted Spoons

This is the second in our “Different Types of Spoons” series and we are going to continue with the home cook mainstay the “Serving Spoon”.

The Serving Spoon – Serving spoons are utensils used to remove food from a main dish to individual plates. It is usually easy for a person to identify a serving spoon, because this type of utensil is much larger than a spoon used for eating.

These Serving Spoons from AOOSY are really a great deal. And it’s always a good idea to buy a set of Serving Spoons for the table for each dish. And even MORE important is having a good Slotted Spoon for those foods with excess liquid that you want to drain away and not slop onto the plate. Oh! And for removing canned fruits from sugar syrup, vegetables, ice cubes from drinks, and foods from sauces. This is can-do cutlery!

The AOOSY Serving Spoons set includes 3 Buffet Slotted Spoons and 3 Serving Spoons. They are 8.66 inches long and made of dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel.

Serving Spoons & Slotted Spoons by AOOSY from Amazon


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