Spork & Knife Swivel Set

spork knife swivel setWe are really big fans of Everyday Carry Cutlery products here at the Cutlery Review. This product caught our eye more than 6 months ago, but it was not in full production so the price and availability were undesirable.

But now it’s easy to buy and for a great price. The Spork & Knife Swivel Set is designed by Wei Young. Made from Tritan which is a dishwasher safe and BPA free plastic. It is a folding set of cutlery that includes a spork (actually a spoon on one end and fork on the other) & knife on metal carabiner.

A great stocking stuffer for the student or office worker who regularly finds themselves without cutlery when they really need it.

Spork & Knife Swivel Set – Assorted Colors


Guyot Designs 5 in 1 Microbite Set – A Tiny Travel Set

guyot microbite

It amazes me how often what is great camping gear is also great for the urban setting. The number of picnics (planned or not) or meals at amusement parks where I’ve been able to pull out a good set of Everyday Carry Cutlery is amazing. And every single time I get a look of “what is with this freak?” and then the light goes on and they watch me happily enjoy my meal.

This mini-utensil set has a very sturdy spork and knife. BPA free and reclaimable nylon and 2% of their sales go to support environmental action charities. The 5 in 1? I can count #1 knife, #2 fork, #3 spoon, #4 spatula and #5 ummm?

 Guyot Designs 5 in 1 Microbite Set


Fork Chops – Chopsticks with a Fork and Knife

fork chopsIf you look over at our History & Technical page you will see a map at the bottom with the different breeds of cutlery. Amongst the splayds, knorks, and spifes you will not find the Fork Chop. These hybrid of the chopstick and a fork and knife are a little off the map.

Made of plastic these aren’t an everyday use item, but they aren’t disposable either and are dishwasher safe. The best use for these I have found is when serving tapas or cheese platters. But where they seem to really work well is with the Knife and Fork Caesar Salad.

 ForkChops Set of Six, Black


Small but bigger. Columbia River 9110C Eat N’ Tool X-Large

crkteattoolxlargeA few of us last Xmas got the now “baby version” CRKT Eat N’ Tool that I reviewed last year. Well the fine folks at Columbia River have now “extended” their line and created the extra large 9110C Eat N’ Tool which features an actual handle to the spork and a more functional hex wrench. No it’s not titanium but it’s a great price. The longer handle means you can reach the bottom of that can of beans (it has a can opener now!) without getting your hands dirty. The original model is still a favorite of mine but I’m asking Santa for this new one.

 Columbia River Knife and Tool 9110C Eat N’ Tool Silver Multi Tool, X-Large