James Robinson Handmade Silverware

James Robinson SilverwareSilverware that you can use? That you can put in the dishwasher? That is hard enough that the edge won’t dull or the pattern wear down? The amazing process of making these by hand results in silver that is much tougher than machine stamped silverware. They have some nice patterns and offer custom work as well. Oh, one last benefit is less polishing!

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The Pinoy Spoon Incident

Pinoy Spoon IncidentA 7-year-old Filipino boy in Quebec was punished by his school lunch monitor for eating with a spoon and fork rather than fork and knife. He was made to eat alone. This style of using cutlery is used by people in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Canada (where I live) is a multicultural society and this incident is embarrassing. Two great articles about the incident and living in a diverse world are below.

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Sporkish? CRKT Eat’N Tool Minimal Multi-Tool

51W4bfrJPyL._SL1000_Three of us got one of these in our Xmas stocking, two of us adults and one college student. The adults thought “Hmmm…good for camping and opening beer.” and the student thought “Perfect for the dorm! (and beer)”. Eating prepared food in some dorms is against the rules and even finding cutlery is a possible fine. So we declared it the “Stealth Spork” and then one of the ladies in the room brandished it in her fist declaring it a great self-defense weapon. The CRKT Eat’N Tool is now known in our house as the “Killer Stealth Spork”. I love this and plan to buy more as gifts.

 Columbia River Knife and Tool’s Eat N Tool