Pizza Week – Steel Pizza Cutter

steel pizza cutterIt’s Pizza Week here at The Cutlery Review, we are reviewing kitchen utensils that are related to pizza. And in my opinion we have saved the best for last. The not so traditional but ever-so practical steel pizza cutter. Yup, just a big hunk of metal with a handle rolled into the top. Simple and elegant.

Pros: Easy to use, safe, won’t damage cutting board, multi-tasker, won’t push pizza toppings away from itself, makes a great dicer and cutting board scraper.

Cons: It’s big, need professional sharpening.

The RSVP World Class Pizza Cutter is as stated, it’s world class and it cuts pizza.  Made of a heavy gauge 18/8 stainless steel it measures at 13 3/4″ long and 3 1/2″ wide. Dishwasher safe of course and stores in the kitchen nicely. It will handle any size pizza or bakery items. A nice product and our top choice for cutting pizzas or other items. Thanks for joining us for Pizza Week!

RSVP World Class Pizza Cutter



Pizza Week – Steel Pizza Knife

Steel Pizza KnifeIt’s Pizza Week here at The Cutlery Review, we are reviewing kitchen utensils that are related to pizza. Next up is something that is a little more serious and at the level of a restaurant tool. The steel pizza knife is much more traditional in pizza restaurants and works a lot quicker.

Pros: fast, sharp, easy to use due to leverage, little damage to cutting boards, a multi-tasker than can be used for almost anything.

Cons: dangerously sharp, big and hard to store, needs sharpening, kinna scary.

The American Metalcraft PPK17 Stainless Steel Pizza Knife is 18 inches long and has a POM handle.  It can cut any size width or depth of pizza and is very versatile. I find the best place to store it is with the pizza stone in between my stove and kitchen cabinet.

 American Metalcraft PPK17 Stainless Steel Pizza Knife


Pizza Week – Steel Pizza Wheel

Steel Pizza WheelIt’s Pizza Week here at The Cutlery Review, we are going to review kitchen utensils that are related to pizza. We talked about pizza once before and this time we are going to spend this week focusing on what cutlery best cuts pizza.

And first up is the classic pizza wheel cutter. The mezzaluna (half moon) pizza wheel cutter was invented by Silvio Pacitti in 1708. It’s a classic that you will see in any pizza restaurant and many home kitchens. They are safe, reliable, small and more or less suitable for home needs.

Pros: small, cheap, can handle any width of pizza, can be used for pie crusts and pastry as well.

Cons: may require strong arm pressure, can mess up your cutting board pretty badly, cheap ones break, not good for deep dish pizza.

The OXO Steel Pizza Wheel is a pretty good choice. It has a stainless steel blade and brushed stainless steel handle with ergonomic rubber grip on the sides (nice touch!). The safety thumb guard comes more into play about when you are putting your back into cutting thin crust pizza. And of course it’s dishwasher safe. Good price for a good little cutter.

OXO Steel Pizza Wheel