Dessert Spoon

FOXAS Ice Cream Spoons

This is the seventh in our “Different Types of Spoons”  series and next up is the Dessert Spoon. If there is a special piece of cutlery designed just for getting sweet treats to my mouth, then I want the Dessert Spoon!

A dessert spoon is a spoon designed specifically for eating dessert and sometimes used for soup or cereals. Similar in size to a soup spoon (intermediate between a teaspoon and a tablespoon) but with an oval rather than round bowl, it typically has a capacity around twice that of a teaspoon.

By extension, the term ‘dessert spoon’ is used as a cooking measure of volume, usually of 10ml or 0.4 fl oz. –

So there’s the rub, there difference between any other spoon and a Dessert Spoon is the oval rather that round bowel and the capacity. Bigger spoon means more treat and oval means it will fit in your mouth better.

And today we thought we’d look at Ice Cream spoons in particular because really they can handle any dessert flatware situation. The FOXAS Ice Cream Spoons really have a shovel look that speaks to us.

This set of six spoons is made of 304 food grade 18/8 stainless steel which is dishwasher safe and sterilizer safe. They are 5.71″ long by 1.18″ wide (14.5 * 3CM).

Great for ice cream, yogurt, puddings, cake are whatever dessert you want to eat!

FOXAS Set of 6 Ice Cream Spoons from Amazon


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