A Historical View on Cutlery

uncommon cutleryDid you know that forks were not used much until the 16th century? And that most food was eaten with fingers or a spoon until the 1500s? Spoons and knives have been around for a long time, forks not so much. Cutlery is a recent part of our civilization in the grand perspective.

Read this great article written by Robert Britnell for the Orillia Packet about how cutlery wasn’t all that common.

Cutlery wasn’t always so common @ Orillia Packet


Modern methods for making Cutlery – a video demonstation

Last week we looked at a video about how handmade cutlery is created.  This week’s video is from the David Mellor cutlery team. This modern method for creating cutlery still creates a excellent end product. But notice that  no matter how much technology is used you still need skilled craftsmen to create flatware like this. BTW – The video has no audio track, so don’t keep trying to turn it up like I did.

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